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The Andorra Live team helps you with the administrative procedures to create your company in Andorra, international transfer of companies and foreign investment. Find the tax advice that fits you.

<h4>The Andorra Live team helps you with the <strong>administrative procedures to create your company in Andorra</strong>, international transfer of companies and foreign investment. Find the tax advice that fits you.<strong> </strong></h4>

Why start a company in Andorra?

Andorra offers a unique business environment, with an attractive tax system, economic stability and a prime location in the Pyrenees.

In addition, the Principality enjoys a strategic location, located between Spain, to the south, and France, to the north. In this way, it is only a two-hour drive from large and important European cities such as Barcelona or Toulouse.

With a competitive tax rate and tax breaks for certain types of businesses, Andorra has become an ideal destination for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to expand in Europe.

Advantages of moving or creating a business in Andorra

Moving or creating your business to Andorra has many advantages, among which, from an economic point of view, taxation stands out:

  • Corporate income tax (IS), maximum, of 10%.
  • General Indirect Tax (IGI), equivalent to VAT in Spain, at most 4.5%.
  • Personal income tax (IRPF), maximum, 10%.
  • Cost of workers' contributions to the company 15.5%.
  • Andorra has double taxation agreements (DTAs) with several countries that aim to avoid international double taxation.

We help you set up your company in Andorra

Andorra Live is an Andorran agency with the aim of facilitating the necessary procedures to relocate or create a company in Andorra. To do this, we take care of managing all the necessary paperwork so that you don't have to worry about anything.

Why choose Andorra Live?

At Andorra Live, we are a multidisciplinary team constantly updating our skills. Our aim is to facilitate your move and establishment in Andorra by offering comprehensive and personalized guidance.

Can we help you?

Contact us and we will assist you with all the procedures to settle in Andorra.

Frequently asked questions

Setting up a company in Andorra for a non-resident usually takes just over three months. The costs in terms of fees are around €2,200 and professional fees usually range between €4,000 and €6,000 depending on the complexity and company.

Corporate income tax is 10% on net profit, excluding dividends distributed to shareholders.

Once the transfer process has been completed and registered in the Andorran Companies Registry, the company acquires Andorran nationality for all legal and tax purposes, being able to benefit from the tax regime like any other Andorran company.

Entities established in the Principality of Andorra are required to keep accounts and deposit their annual accounts with the company registry.