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Passive residence in Andorra

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Types of passive residence in Andorra

Passive residence in Andorra is a type of legal status that allows individuals to reside in the country without the obligation to carry out economic activities in Andorran territory.

This regime is especially attractive for people who want to enjoy the quality of life, the natural environment and the favourable tax regime that Andorra offers, without the need to work or conduct business in the country.

Requirements to obtain passive residence in Andorra

Any of the aforementioned types of passive residence requires compliance with the following requirements:

  • Reside in Andorra for at least 90 days per calendar year.
  • Refundable deposit of €47,500 and  an additional €9,500 for each person dependent on the cardholder
  • Owning a home or renting it out to establish your permanent residence in Andorra.
  • Demonstrate income higher than 300% of Andorra's annual minimum wage and an additional 100% for each dependent.
  • Contracting private coverage and insurance that covers all expenses arising from illness and disability in Andorra, both for the holder and for their dependents.
  • Taking out a private pension plan.
  • Pass a general medical check-up.
  • Criminal record certificate

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Frequently asked questions

The Active Residence Permit, as an employee or self-employed, the Passive Residence Permit and the Residence Permit for Family Reunification.

Economic requirements must be met, such as a minimum amount of investment in Andorra, a minimum annual income level, a minimum period of effective residence of 90 days, as well as passing a medical check-up and taking out private health insurance.

Passive residency authorises you to reside in the country for the duration of the authorisation without carrying out any work or professional activity. The initial authorisation is valid for two years, renewable for longer periods after the initial two years.