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Finance and banks in Andorra

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There are currently five banks in Andorra. Find out about Andorra's banking system quickly and easily.


<h4>There are currently five banks in Andorra. Find out about Andorra's banking system quickly and easily.</h4>


We help you choose a bank in Andorra

In our team, we have experts in banking advice ready to help you choose the bank in Andorra that best suits you.

Personalized advice

We understand that every situation is unique, that's why we provide you with a personalized approach.

Document management

We take care of collecting and preparing all the necessary documents for the opening of your bank account, saving you time and effort.

Comprehensive accompaniment

We are at your side to resolve any doubts or setbacks that may arise. Even once you have settled in Andorra, we offer you tax and accounting services.

How does the Andorran banking system work

Andorran banking is one of the economic pillars of Andorra and has more than 85 years of experience. Over the years, it has adapted to national and international regulatory changes to always comply with the required standards.Today, the various banks together are represented in 11 countries around the world.

The main business areas are private banking and asset management, insurance and commercial banking, for both individuals and companies. Andorran banks operate in international markets through their subsidiaries applying international regulatory standards and best practices.

Requirements to open a bank account in Andorra

Once you have chosen the bank in Andorra in which to place your trust, the first step is to open a bank account, for this it is important that you know:

Who can open an account in Andorra?

An account can be opened in Andorra by both an individual and a company, whether or not they are residents. Depending on the purpose for which the account is being opened, it will have different characteristics.

What requirements do I need to meet in order to open an account in Andorra?

Over the last few years, banking regulations, especially those relating to the fight against money laundering, have been tightened. Therefore, in order to open an account in a bank in Andorra, you must comply with the information requirements that the bank requests in relation to you and the origin of the funds.

Frequently asked questions

Andorran banks are considered to be some of the most solvent banks in Europe. They are governed by more conservative strategies than other banks, which leads to greater stability.

International banking operations are available to you from any Andorran bank, you can operate in any international market and carry out all types of transactions.

Any person or company can open a bank account in Andorra as long as they meet a series of requirements and the FATCA anti-money laundering protocol, among other formalities.