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The healthcare system in Andorra

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Andorra has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, as reflected by The Lancet magazine, a British publication specializing in medicine, in its reports. But how does healthcare work in Andorra? Let's tell you.

Life expectancy in Andorra and country location

The quality of Andorra's healthcare system, combined with other inherent factors of the country, currently results in a life expectancy in Andorra higher than the European average, at 83.4 years. In the case of women, life expectancy rises to 86 years, while for men it is 80.7 years.

The life expectancy figures of the Principality are similar to those of neighboring countries (Spain and France), which also have some of the best healthcare systems in the world.

Due to its geographical location, Andorra has social security agreements with other states, notably Spain, France, and Portugal. These agreements, given their reciprocal nature between states, allow a person to receive care in the social security institutions of another country, with the cost of such care being charged between the countries.

Therefore, an Andorran resident visiting Spain, France, or Portugal can receive assistance, and the costs are covered by the Andorran Social Security Fund (CASS), provided that the established requirements are met.

How does healthcare work in Andorra? The CASS

The Andorran constitution, in Article 30, recognizes the right to health protection and to receive benefits to meet other personal needs. Therefore, the State must guarantee a social security system. Thus, residents of the country have access to the healthcare system of Andorra through affiliation with the CASS, a public entity responsible for the administrative, financial, and technical management of the healthcare system.

Andorra has a public healthcare system with co-payment, with the costs of this system being distributed between the state and residents of the country, who may also have complementary insurance. This system is based on the principles of shared responsibility, solidarity, and freedom of choice of physician, allowing each resident to enjoy and avail themselves of the facilities offered based on their needs.

The co-payment system of the CASS works through reimbursements of part of the treatment cost, which, on some occasions, must be paid by the resident initially. The reimbursement period for such treatments is usually short, and the procedure is practically automated, as of today.


Percentage refunded by the CASS

Visits to outpatient clinics or health centers, consultations or visits to specialists




Expenses caused by occupational accidents, occupational diseases, or childbirth


Expenses for services not affiliated with Andorran social security


However, based on the principle of solidarity, the CASS finances 100% of the expenses derived from treatment for those who demonstrate that they cannot afford the debt, such as people without resources or in situations of social exclusion.

Private insurance

In addition to all of the above, Andorra has various operators that offer their clients private health insurance, which expands on the services offered by Andorra's social security.

Similarly, there are insurances aimed at covering a percentage of healthcare costs, allowing for added peace of mind and avoiding unexpected expenses. Finding the private insurance that best suits your needs can be a very favorable option (LINK TO COMPARE).

Choosing your doctor

The last of the principles on which Andorra's healthcare system is based is freedom of choice, whereby residents of Andorra can choose the doctor they prefer to be treated by. In this sense, while the country's social security covers much of the medical services, it is the patient who chooses where and with whom they are treated, with both public and private professionals coexisting.

In recent years, the referring physician system has been implemented to optimize medical care in Andorra. Therefore, residents of the country must choose a referring physician, who will maintain a personalized relationship and will be the one to make initial diagnoses and refer to specialists if necessary.

Medical facilities in Andorra

Andorra has its own hospital located in Escaldes-Engordany, which has all the technical innovations to be able to meet any need. In addition to this, the country has 11 primary care centers located in the different parishes, which offer services to the residents of the country.

Furthermore, Andorra is one of the countries in the world with the most pharmacies per capita, with over 50 spread across the country.

Healthcare for tourists

Andorra receives a high number of tourists each year, who may need to access medical services in case of emergency. Therefore, if you are going to visit Andorra, it is advisable to have information about the scope of healthcare in Andorra for non-residents.

First of all, it is worth remembering that Andorra is not part of the European Union, so the European Health Insurance Card is not valid in the country. Therefore, it is advisable to have private medical insurance that can cover any unforeseen events that may occur in the country, as visitors are responsible for paying all medical expenses, as they are not covered by Andorran social security.