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Residency for Family Reunification

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What is residency by family reunification

in Andorra?

This Andorran family reunification residence permit authorises the regrouped person with a person of Andorran nationality or with the holder of a residence and work permit (whether self-employed or employed) to reside in the Principality, provided that they reside in the country. A foreign national holding an immigration residence permit without work can also apply for reunification under different requirements.

Who can apply for Passive Residency for family reunification?

You can request it, in accordance with current legislation:

  • The spouse or member of the stable partnership.
  • Your minor children, and the minor children of the spouse who has legal guardianship and custody.
  • Their adult children, and the adult children of their spouse, dependents and those who exercise legal guardianship or under their protection within the framework of a similar institution.
  • Dependent ascendants who are at least 65 years old or who are retired.
  • Other persons other than the above when the applicant exercises legal guardianship or has them under his or her protection within the framework of another similar institution recognised by the Andorran legal system and not contrary to national public policy, provided that both parents have lost or have had their parental authority terminated.

Requirements to obtain residency in Andorra for family reunification

Residency requirements for family reunification:

  • Document that proves the accommodation: rental contract or title deed where to establish the residence in Andorra of the regrouped members.
  • Documents accrediting the financial means of the person residing in Andorra and of the people to be regrouped. The person residing in Andorra must demonstrate an income of at least 100% of the annual minimum wage of Andorra, in addition, the equivalent of 50% of the annual minimum wage for each of the adults and 30% for each minor living with him.
  • Documents accrediting the marital status and family ties between the people to be reunited and the person residing in Andorra.
  • Taking out private health insurance to cover 100% of the medical expenses of each regrouped person.
  • General medical check-up of the people to be regrouped.
  • Certificate of criminal record of the persons to be regrouped.

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Frequently asked questions

Requirements must be met, such as proof of family ties with the person residing in Andorra, sufficient financial means of the applicant and the regrouped people, as well as passing a medical check-up and taking out private health insurance.

Residence by family reunification authorises the regrouped person to reside in the country with a person of Andorran nationality or with the holder of a residence and work permit, provided that they reside in the country.

The maximum duration (ten years) is obtained when the reunification is with a person of Andorran nationality. When carried out with the holder of a residence and work permit, it has an initial duration of one year, renewable three times for periods of two years. After seven years, renewals are, with some exceptions, ten years.

The Active Residence Permit, as an employee or self-employed, the Passive Residence Permit and the Residence Permit for Family Reunification.