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Residence for Athletes in Andorra

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Advantages of living in Andorra for athletes

Andorra is an idyllic country for athletes, offering a wide variety of physical activities to do, both outdoors and indoors, depending on the time of year. It allows you to train at altitude, with the benefits that this entails, it offers peace of mind and discretion and, in addition, resident athletes have all the services of a big city such as schools, hospitals and shops, among others.

The safest country in the world with the best healthcare? The answer is the Principality of Andorra.

These, among many others, are some of the attributes of our country, not to mention its very attractive tax legislation.

The passive residence permit for sportsmen and women authorises the professional athlete to reside in Andorra and to be able to continue carrying out his or her professional activity as long as he or she provides most of his or her services to entities not resident in the Principality.

Who can apply for passive residency for professional athletes in Andorra?

You can request it, in accordance with current legislation:

  • Any  foreign international athlete who enjoys international recognition of his or her talent.
  • Take advantage of the regulatory quota established in Andorra.
  • Establish your principal and effective residence in Andorra for at least 90 days per calendar year.
  • At least 85% of the services provided must be carried out in any other country or territory other than Andorra.

What administrative requirements must be met?

Passive residency requirements for professional athletes:

  • Certify that it enjoys international recognition by providing information that allows it to be properly assessed, in particular, any awards, titles, awards or recognitions received.
  • Demonstrate income higher than 300% of Andorra's annual minimum wage and an additional 100% for each dependent.
  • Provide documentary proof of the amount of income derived from their professional activity during the year prior to obtaining the authorisation.
  • Contracting private coverage and insurance that covers all expenses arising from illness and disability in Andorra, both for the holder and for their dependents.
  • Taking out a  private pension plan.
  • Owning a home or renting it out to establish your permanent residence in Andorra.
  • Pass a general medical check-up.
  • Criminal record certificate.
  • Refundable deposit with the Andorran Financial Authority (AFA) of €47,500 and an additional €9,500 for each dependent.

We help you process your residency

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Why choose Andorra Live?

At Andorra Live, we are a multidisciplinary team constantly updating our skills. Our aim is to facilitate your move and establishment in Andorra by offering comprehensive and personalized guidance.

Can we help you?

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Frequently asked questions

The authorization allows you to reside in the country during the period of validity of the authorization and continue to develop professional sports activity abroad.

The initial non-work residence permit is granted for a period of two years. The first renewal is granted for a period of two years, the second renewal for a period of three years and successive renewals, with exceptions, for a period of ten years.

If they meet certain requirements, a resident in Andorra can benefit from the residence permit for family reunification to reunite their entire family as residents in Andorra.

If you want to obtain a passive residence permit as a professional athlete, you must make a deposit of 47,5000 euros with the AFA and, if you have dependents, an additional 9,500 euros for each dependent.