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Residence for Retirees in Andorra

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Advantages of Passive Residence for Retirees

The Principality of Andorra offers many advantages over other countries to retired people.

Nature and fresh air

Andorra is a mountain country, surrounded by nature and fresh air. It is an idyllic place for those who, after having completed their professional stage, seek to retire in a quiet environment. 

Beneficial taxation

Andorra is a very attractive country for tax purposes as it does not have wealth tax or inheritance or gift tax.  Income from wealth is taxed at a maximum rate of 10%.

One of the best healthcare systems

The Principality has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, providing Andorrans and residents with quality, fast and safe medical care.

A quiet and safe country

Without a doubt, if you are looking for tranquility and security, Andorra is the country to choose. It enjoys virtually zero crime and crime rates.

Requirements for Non-Profit Passive Residency for Retirees

It can be requested, in accordance with current legislation, by any retired person who:

  • Do not carry out any work or professional activity in Andorra.
  • Establish your principal and effective residence in Andorra for at least 90 days per calendar year.
  • Have a home to buy or rent where you can establish your main and effective residence.

In addition, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Demonstrate income higher than 300% of Andorra's  annual minimum wage and an additional 100% for each dependent.
  • Have private health coverage that covers any type of medical or health expense during the period of validity of the residence permit.
  • Make a minimum investment of €600,000 in Andorran assets within a maximum period of six months from the granting of the residence permit. This amount can be reduced to €400,000 if the investment in assets is made, directly or indirectly, in the Fons d'Habitatge.
  • Refundable deposit at the AFA (Andorran Financial Agency) of €47,500 and an additional €9,500 for each person dependent on the cardholder. It can be included as part of the investment in Andorran assets."


We help you process your non-profit passive residency in Andorra

Andorra Live is an Andorran agency with the aim of facilitating your transfer to Andorra. To do this, we take care of managing all the necessary paperwork so that you don't have to worry about anything.

Why choose Andorra Live?

At Andorra Live, we are a multidisciplinary team constantly updating our skills. Our aim is to facilitate your move and establishment in Andorra by offering comprehensive and personalized guidance.

Can we help you?

Contact us and we will assist you with all the procedures to settle in Andorra.

Frequently asked questions

The authorisation allows you to reside in the country during the period of validity of the authorisation without carrying out any work or professional activity.

The initial non-profit passive residence permit is granted for a period of two years. The first renewal is granted for a period of two years, the second renewal for a period of three years and successive renewals, with exceptions, for a period of ten years.

Yes, if you decide to live in Andorra you can continue to receive the retirement pension from your country of origin.